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SBU detains drug dealers group for smuggling cocaine to Ukraine

SBU officials jointly with the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office terminated activities of the organized drug group, members of which set up deliveries of cocaine to Ukraine.

The secret service operatives documented that the drug dealers from Poltava region ordered cocaine in one of Latin America countries and delivered the drug to Ukraine in transit through the EU. The drug business organizer and the courier were detained during special operation with the Dutch law-enforcers in the airport of Amsterdam and seven kg of cocaine was seized from them.

In the meantime in Poltava the SBU officials detained the third member of the drug group at the attempt of selling 200 gr of delivered earlier cocaine. The law-enforcers also documented that dealers cultivated cannabis for the further sale in the UK. The secret service operatives seized three kg of cannabis in the “Porubne” checkpoint in Chernivtsi region. The mentioned cannabis was sent to the offenders through international runs. Another two co-organizers of the drug business also were detained.

The SBU officials seized another five kg of cannabis, the grenade and the fire arms with rounds during searches in the residences of involved persons.

The pretrial investigation in criminal proceeding, initiated under Articles 305, 307 and 263 of the Criminal code of Ukraine.


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