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SBU conducts planned antiterrorist training exercises

The ATC Steering team at the SBU Office in Transcarpathian region conducted planned antiterrorist special tactical training exercises in Mukachevo on October 31, 2017.

The regional offices of the National Police, the National Guard, the State emergency service, Mukachevo border unit forces, the AF of Ukraine units, representatives of the state power bodies and the local government, other entities of combatting terrorism took part in the training exercises.

According to the cover story of trainings, the group of nominal terrorists captured the train with radioactive cargo, took its guardsmen as hostages while threatening them with putting to death and blowing up of hazard substance.

In due course of trainings the measures for ensuring security of local residents were taken. All forces and means for counteraction to terrorist threat in the railway facility were engaged.

The participants of trainings practiced algorithm of actions on prevention possible terrorist threats in the facility of critical infrastructure, improved skills for termination and disposal of nominal terrorists and release of hostages.


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