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14:30, 05 february 2020
SBU disclosed and detained official of the municipal enterprise "Kharkiv Heating Networks” for obtaining improper advantage.
14:19, 05 february 2020
SBU officers detected and terminated multimillion fraudulent scheme, organized by the Kyiv City State Administration officials.
10:43, 04 february 2020
The ex-director of Cherkasy region's forestry, exposed by the SBU on state wood theft, was sentenced to imprisonment.
10:28, 04 february 2020
SBU officers prevented the contract murder of EU citizen and detained the head for the crime in Ivano-Frankivsk region.
16:41, 03 february 2020
SBU officers detected and terminated activities of drug lab manufacturing amphetamine in Vinnytsia city. Every month, the dealers manufactured and sold drugs at an average of UAH 600 thousand.
14:00, 03 february 2020
SBU officers blocked drug trafficking of cocaine from the European Union.
11:41, 03 february 2020
SBU officers uncovered another corruption scheme, organized by officials of Zatoka Village Council of Odesa region. This time, the officials “got busted" on a large-scale embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the reconstruction of treatment facilities.
11:01, 03 february 2020
SBU CI Department officers detained in the area of the Joint Forces Operation a former militant of illegal armed groups of the “DNR” terrorist organization, who for 6 years had been put on the national wanted list.
10:41, 03 february 2020
SBU CI Department officers detained the organizer of illegal scheme for repair and maintenance of military transport planes of one of the African countries in the “Boryspil” International Airport. The offender was put on the ‘wanted’ list.

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