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One of basic threats for Ukraine for today is an attempt of Russian secret services to subverse the situation within the country – Deputy Head

Russia fundamentally changed combat pattern against Ukraine in comparison with 2014, - the SBU Deputy Head Viktor Kononenko stated at VIII National Expert Forum of Horshenin Institute “Ukraine: in zeal to balance”.

At present the basic efforts of Russian secret services are focused on the subversion of the situation within the country. According to Viktor Kononenko, the Kremlin failed to conduct quick and splendid military campaign against Ukraine. The ATO forces mastered to contain vast forces of the enemy for years of aggression. “That’s why our enemies count on overthrowing of power by means of conducting subversive activities within the country, applying bribery, agreements, etc. The enemy’s purposeful work is in process in this regard”, - the SBU Deputy Head stressed. He believes that Ukraine should take own security measures in order any external factor would influence on our choice in 2019.

The SBU takes an active part in development of national security strategy and formula. “The formula is not steady – this is a complex of algorithms, events and means, thanks to which the state and the human exist freely and nothing prevents their development”, - Viktor Kononeko mentioned. He believes that security of Ukraine today more than ever depends on the ability of Ukrainian society to consolidate.     


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