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SBU participates in international roundtable discussion “Role and place of special services in critical infrastructure facilities protection”

The SBU in cooperation with the OSCE conducted in Kyiv the international roundtable discussion “Role and place of special services in protection of critical infrastructure facilities”.

Opening the roundtable discussion, the commander of the SBU unit on CI protection of state economic security interests, Serhiy Konohov, said that the hybrid war and threats that it entailed required interaction of all public administration structures.

“Russian attacks are camouflaged under the guise of absolutely legal economical, technological, political, informational actions, which actually cover up  attempts to destabilize the situation in Ukraine”, - accentuated Serhiy Konohov. He emphasized that such actions were potentially threatening functionality of the strategically significant infrastructure facilities.

The commander of the SBU unit on CI protection of state economic security interests stressed that the system of protection has already been established, it has been neutralizing effectiveness of enemy’s actions, directed on committing attempts to harm the critical infrastructure of Ukraine.

During the round table with the participation of the Head of the representation EU office in Ukraine, Hugo Mingarelli, the SBU specialists and experts drew conclusions and came up with proposals concerning issues of development of the national security system , protection of the elements of life-sustaining activity and estimated the role of secret services in these processes.

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine in cooperation with the SBU developed the Conception on critical infrastructure protection that would be presented for consideration to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, informed the deputy of the minister of economic development and trade, Yurii Brovchenko.

The roundtable discussion was organized for the representatives of the departments on security and defence sector of Ukraine, scientific and research institutions and international experts. The Office of the Coordinator of the OSCE projects in Ukraine was co-organizer together with the SBU.

The SBU experts, the representatives of National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, Consultative EU Mission, NATO Liaison Office in Ukraine, diplomatic corps, Business- ombudsman Office, the top-officials of specialized ministries, scientists participated in discussion platforms.


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