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Counteraction to Russian aggression

12:07, 26 july 2017
The Russian collected data on situation in state, activities of power supreme bodies, power agencies of our state by means of relations with pro-Russian representatives of Ukrainian media and experts. She used these data for coverage situation in Ukraine.
16:57, 22 july 2017
The special service Head informed journalists that today captive in Donbas Ageev met with his mother. This is a next attempt of Ukraine to renew the process of hostages release, which is artificially blocked by representatives of so-called “LNR/DNR”, and in fact – by Russian top leadership.
12:58, 15 may 2017
During the briefing the SBU Head informed that the Security Service of Ukraine continues to block subversive activity of Russian secret services aimed at destabilization of the situation in the country. Ukrainian citizens who evade criminal responsibility hiding in the territory of the Russian Federation are also involved into the illegal activities for Russian money.
16:58, 01 august 2016
The man used computers for the visitors of one of the Kyiv social institutions to publish electronic versions of leaflets calling for creating “peoples’ republic”.
11:38, 30 june 2016
Eight militants of the DNR terrorist organization detained by Ukrainian soldiers near Mariupol eagerly communicated with the SBU investigators.
11:58, 21 june 2016
Officers of the secret service established that Horlivka resident from April to November 2015 was a member of illegal armed group. He gathered information in temporarily occupied territories about patriotic citizens. Upon Russian handler’s request he passed the gathered data to the so-called Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DNR.
13:04, 17 june 2016
The SBU submitted to courts charging documents concerning 980 members of terrorist organizations and illegal armed groups, traitors and terrorists’ facilitators. Different terms of imprisonment received 339 persons, who were found guilty of crimes against the State and the Ukrainian nation.
15:21, 16 june 2016
During last year the SBU officers eliminated 30 terrorist groups which were trained by the Russian secret services for sabotage not only in the ATO area, but in peaceful Ukrainian regions.
16:47, 13 june 2016
In Kramatorsk officers of the Security Service of Ukraine and National Police detained two militants of DNR terrorist organization.
16:54, 11 june 2016
A resident of Druzhkivka joined terrorists in May 2014. He guarded checkpoints with weapons, checked citizens’ documents and vehicles.

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