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Exposing militants and terrorists’ accomplices

12:43, 25 september 2018
In the course of special operation conducted by the SBU CI Department officers former ‘DNR Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food’ was transferred from the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region.
15:00, 12 july 2018
SBU CI officers detained a Russian citizen who was fighting on the side of terrorists in Luhansk region.
12:15, 18 april 2018
SBU officers exposed the network of the terrorist organization “LNR” organized under the supervision of the Russian special services.
11:05, 24 january 2018
While working on information security issues, SBU officers documented yet another fact of Russian intelligence services using social networks for committing subversion operations against Ukraine's national security.
11:56, 27 november 2017
SBU officials jointly with the Police detained intelligence man of so-called “republican guard” of “DNR” terrorist organization near Pokrovsk (Donetsk region).
09:59, 23 november 2017
The Lysychanskyi District Court of Luhansk region sentenced the informational network organizer of so-called “LNR National Police” to 4 years of imprisonment under the SBU materials.
16:34, 10 november 2017
The Prymorskyi District Court of Odesa sentenced the informational network organizer of DNR terrorist organization to 4 years and 5 months of imprisonment under the SBU materials.
15:47, 10 august 2017
The law enforcers established that two-time sentenced resident of temporary occupied Perevalsk joined terrorists after dispensation from imprisonment in 2014. The militant “served” in the commandant's office and guarded with weapon headquarters of “Phantom” criminal group in Alchevsk. According to the detainee, he had received training in the illegal armed formation under the supervision of Russian instructor, who trained militants to handle with machine guns and mortars.
17:42, 19 july 2017
The CI previously established that a woman served in one of terrorists units, deployed in Luhansk. She was responsible for its material support. Since this March she is put on a wanted list on suspicion in involvement into activities of terrorist organization and started for Moldova.
11:22, 29 june 2017
The member of agent net of so-called “DNR” militants, migrant from Donetsk, resided in Pokrovskyi district of Donetsk region.

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