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Chernivtsi region: SBU conducts large-scale international anti-terrorist trainings “Bukovyna-2018”

The planned anti-terrorist trainings containing the tasks on searching and neutralizing the imaginary sabotage and terrorist groups were held. The trainings were conducted by the Coordination Group of the Antiterrorist Centre at the SBU in cooperation with the ATC of the Information and Security Service of the Republic of Moldova and the Romanian Information Service.

The President of Ukraine congratulated the participants of the international anti-terrorist trainings "Bukovyna-2018".

The representatives of the SBU, the Armed Forces, the National Guard, the Police, the State Emergency Service, the SBGS, the local authorities and foreign partners  participated in the trainings, the conditions of which were as close as possible to the real ones.

According to the legend, the offenders intended to conduct the terrorist campaign in the territory of Ukraine and the neighboring states. One of the “sabotage and terrorist groups” attempted to transport weapons, ammo, communication means to its accomplices abroad.

The final stage of the trainings was to capture the "terrorists" at the international border crossing point "Mamalyha-Kryva" of the Ukrainian-Moldavian border.

The leadership and the participants of the ATC Coordination Group at the SBU, ATC of the Information and Security Service of the Republic of Moldova and the Romanian Information Service analyzed in details the use of the available forces and means by the servicemen and noted the high level of training of the anti-terrorism bodies.


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