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Lviv region: SBU conducts anti-terrorist trainings (video)

The planned anti-terrorist tactical trainings were conducted by the Coordinating Group of the Antiterrorist Centre at the SBU Lviv Regional Office. The trainings were attended by the officers of the SBU, the National Guard, the National Police, the State Emergency Service, the border guards, the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, representatives of the local government and other anti-terrorism bodies.

According to the legend, the sabotage group planned terrorist attacks on critical infrastructure facilities and ammo storage places in Lviv region.

The servicemen worked out the algorithm of joint actions in near-real conditions. At the final stage of the trainings, the assault operation of neutralizing of the “terrorists” was conducted by the forces of the special units.

Having analyzed in detail each phase of the antiterrorist operation, the leadership of the training marked the high level of readiness of the anti-terrorism bodies to perform tasks aimed at preventing the acts of sabotage and the terrorist attacks, stopping and minimizing of the consequences.

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