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SBU conducts command-and-staff training exercises on two military facilities in Dnipropetrovsk region

The Coordinating Group of the Antiterrorist Centre at the SBU Office in Dnipropetrovsk region conducted the planned command-and-staff training exercises in two military units of the region.

The exercises were aimed at practicing the algorithm of interagency cooperation on preventing possible terrorist and sabotage threats on the military facilities.

The regional units of the SBU, the National Police of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service, the representatives of the National Guard, the local authorities, the local government and other anti-terrorism bodies participated in the event.

During the exercises, the participants practiced a system of joint actions of searching and counteracting the subversive groups, uncovering and neutralizing the means of committing the terrorist acts, evacuating the population. The participants also estimated the effectiveness of the forces and means for conducting the urgent tasks of counteracting the signs of terrorism.

According to the results of the command-and-staff training exercises, the leadership of the Regional Coordinating Group of the Antiterrorist Centre gave the clear instructions of actions in case of the possible terrorist and sabotage threats to the representatives of the regional military facilities, determined the state of security and safety.

The Anti-Terrorist Centre at the SBU Dnipropetrovsk Regional Office plans to continue training exercises in the region in order to check the readiness and improvement of the gained skills of the anti-terrorism bodies on countering the possible sabotage threats.

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