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Counteraction to Russian aggression

13:41, 20 may 2016
In January 2015 the criminal went to Belgorod (Russia) where he was tasked by his handlers to launch rocket-propelled grenades at one of the Kharkiv entertainment centers.
09:50, 06 may 2016
The SBU together with the police apprehended an informer of the “DNR” terrorist organization in Donetsk region. During a long period of time the criminal provided the terrorists with information about the locations and traffic routs of the military equipment and personnel of the ATO units. Using his information the terrorists have repeatedly fired the positions of Ukrainian soldiers. The police launched a criminal case upon Part 1, Article 256 (providing assistance for the members of criminal organizations) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.
15:31, 04 may 2016
The perpetrator with the use of Internet by means of Voice Over IP avoiding international commutation centers received international telephone traffic from Russia. Later it was processed with the use of specialized telecom software and under the guise of local phone communications was transferred to the Ukrainian mobile operators’ networks.
23:31, 06 april 2016
The sentence of Sviatoshynskyi District Court in Kyiv has taken effect. It convicts one of the active participants of the illegal referendum in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in March 2014.

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