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10:59, 22 april 2017
Regional Coordination Group of the SBU Anti-Terrorist Center conducted the scheduled special tactical training at the objects of critical informational infrastructure – the radiating station “Chongar” and television and radio tower of Henichesk in Kherson
14:33, 14 april 2017
The Coordination Group of the Antiterrorist Center under the regional SBU Office held planned command and staff exercise in the South Railway Station of Kharkiv.
16:31, 17 march 2017
The training took place with the participation of the officials of the SBU, the National police, the State border guard service, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, the State special service of transport, representatives of the power and local power bodies.
16:21, 17 march 2017
As per the legend the group of subversives planted explosive device in the central post office of Chuhuiv. The special service officials with the involvement of explosives experts had the examination of the spot, to defuse an explosive device, to find and to detain simulated subversives.
13:40, 27 february 2017
Amendments to list of basic potentially dangerous critical infrastructure facilities of the region were discussed in a session of Antiterrorist center coordination group at the SBU Office in Ivano-Frankivsk region.
16:58, 24 february 2017
The exercise was aimed at enhancing the level of cooperation between the participants while preventing a deemed terrorist attack at a strategic location.
16:28, 25 november 2016
On November 25, the Anti-terrorist Center Coordination Group under the SBU office in Ternopil region conducted planned command-staff anti-terrorist training in the base of National Teachers College.
15:08, 19 november 2016
In the course of the all-Ukrainian counter sabotage training the Security Service of Ukraine released the building of the Kharkiv Regional Administration captured by hypothetical sabotage terrorist group.
12:46, 29 october 2016
Inspection of countersabotage protection of sensitive facilities, improvement of practical skills and experience of operation control by chiefs of bodies and units of antiterrorist activity subjects occurred in due course of these trainings.
11:53, 29 october 2016
The aim of trainings is to raise the level of participants’ interaction in due course of prevention notional terrorist act at the strategic location. The coordination group of the ATC at the SBU regional Office improved practical skills of operations control.

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