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Antiterrorist exercise trainings take place in Bukovyna

Representatives of the Police, the National Guard, the SES, the border guards, the AF of Ukraine units, state power bodies and other combatting terrorism entities took place in formal special tactical training exercises, organized by the coordination group of the Antiterrorist center at the SBU Office in Chernivtsi region.

The exercise trainings participants practiced actions aimed at neutralization of terrorists, hostages release, detection and disposal of explosive devices.

According to exercise trainings scenario the “terrorists” penetrated with the territory of one of gas compressor stations of the region, took hostages and threatened to explode facility in the event of default their conditions. Due to clearly coordinated interaction of all participants of exercise trainings and actions algorithm, developed in the ATC Headquarters, the “Alpha” and the “Kord” special task force units’ officials neutralized “criminals”.

The exercise trainings resulted in determination of basic risks of high threat locations terrorist sensitivity, situated in the territory of Bukovyna.

The heads of regional Coordination group of the ATC at the SBU Office in Chernivtsi region also pointed up the necessity of constant interaction of regional combatting terrorism entities and state power bodies in the issues of countering to terrorist developments.         

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