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SBU conducts special tactical antiterrorist training exercises in Chernihiv region

The ATC at the SBU Office in Chernihiv region coordination group conducted special tactical antiterrorist training exercises with the elements of counter subversive fight.

The training exercises took place with the participation of the SBU, the National Police, the SSES, the State border guard service, the AF of Ukraine and the National Guard officials, local government bodies and other entities of antiterrorist activities.

According to the scenario, the group of subversives planned to commit act of terrorism in the military facility, where the weapon and ammunition are stored at. The code “terrorists” improvised, while choosing the tactics and that let to simulate the most difficult development of the situation.

The training exercises participants theoretically and practically practiced the scheme of counteraction to subversive and reconnaissance groups, termination of terrorists, releasing of hostages, detection and disposal of explosive devices.

After training exercises completion the ATC coordination group members jointly with other participants analyzed results of trainings and defined issues of further professional development of units, engaging in the ATO.    

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