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SBU holds antiterrorist trainings in Volyn region

The Coordination Group of the Anti-Terrorist Center at the SBU Office in Volyn region conducted the scheduled anti-terrorist trainings from July 26 to 28.

The representatives of the Police, the National Guard, the State Emergency service, the Border Guard Service, the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the bodies of state power and other combatting terrorism entities took part in training exercises.

According to the scenario, the group of subversives took hostages at the Lutsk military airdrome. Due to concerted actions of the participants, all the subversives were liquidated, the danger neutralized, the hostages released, there were no injuries.

For the first time in Volyn region were conducted such extensive anti-terrorist trainings which gave an opportunity to practice algorithm of actions in different situations and the mechanism of counteraction to subversive groups, detection and liquidation of terrorists, disposal of explosive devices.

The Antiterrorist center headship highly estimated cooperation and coordination of all entities involved in anti-terrorist trainings.


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