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Special antiterrorist tactical training exercises takes place in Sieverodonetsk

Planned special antiterrorist tactical training exercises took place in August 8-10 in Luhansk region.

The officials of the SBU, the National Police, the State emergency service, the National Guard, representatives of local power bodies and other terrorism combatting entities were involved into events.

The participants of trainings practiced system of tactical, search and preventive measures on counteraction terrorist threat and interaction during antiterrorist operation.

According to the Antiterrorist center headship estimates, the participants of trainings demonstrated high level of mobility potential and a team play.

Taking into account the closeness of contact line and a high risk degree of terrorist threat, the special services and law-enforcers regularly improve their experience in organization of antiterrorist and anti-subversive activities.  

The organizers of trainings hope that residents of Sieverodonetsk bear with temporarily difficulties, connected with conducting of large-scale trainings. They call citizens to be careful and in case of detection suspicious items or obtaining of information about illegal actions of unknown persons, immediately inform law-enforcement bodies of the region.    

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