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SBU staged large-scale antiterrorist drills(exercises) In Zhytomir region

On 13-15 of September, Coordinating group of  Zhytomir region’s SBU Antiterrorist center staged planned antiterrorist drills with elements of countersabotage protection.

Drills took place with the participation of representatives from regional SBU offices, the National Police, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard of Ukraine, State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, local government and other departments of the state antiterrorist system.

According to the plan, two groups of so-called diversionists were supposed to blow up crucial infrastructure objects and military bases based in Zhytomir region.

Law-enforcers neutralized the first “diversionary” group after the attempt to plant a bomb in one of the residential areas of Zhytomir.

 The second group was revealed and surrounded after their entering  on the territory of military airport ,captured hostages  and blocked indoors. To «conditional» terrorists were set up claims ,which constantly changed ,that gave a chance to model maximally difficult and approximate to real progress of the educational situation.

After unsuccessful  attempts to persuade terrorists to abandon their plans , taking into account the real threat to the lives of hostages, was decided to neutralize them by a consolidated group of special forces.

In the course of the exercises .in practice, algorithms for the detection and disposal  of alleged  sabotage and intelligence groups, negotiations  with conditional  , and the search for their accomplices that are secretly  operating near terrorist-vulnerable objects are worked out. The systematic conduct of such exercise give a possibility for fellows to practice inter-departmental interaction at each stage of the anti-terrorist operation.

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