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SBU stages antiterrorist trainings with the USA partner’s support in Mykolaiv region

The SBU Antiterrorist Centre staged planned trainings during 7-15 September, in several locations on the territory of Mykolaiv region with the support of the Defence Threat Reduction Agency of the USA DoD.

The SBU Regional Offices, the National Police, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the National Guard, local authorities and nuclear plant workers participated in trainings, the final part of which took place on the facilities of South-Ukrainian nuclear power plant.

The trainings focused on improving the cooperation between SBU ATC members in boosting the safety of nuclear fuel transportation to our country and further transportation to Ukrainian nuclear power plants.

According to the plan of the special tactical trainings, participants honed the system of counteraction against several foreign diversion & reconnaissance groups that planned to commit terrorist actions in the region, in particular, to capture a special-purpose nuclear fuel transportation train, to blow up the NPP, facilities of military and critical infrastructure. Preventing extensive diversions, the operative HQ decided to carry out the assault, during which law enforcers freed the conditional hostages and ensured the transfer of fuel to NPP.

In completion phase of trainings, the direction and participants of ATC Coordination Group carefully analyzed each phase of the operation, all subdivisions obtaining clear algorithm of actions during possible terrorist activities on the critical infrastructure facilities.

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