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Zhytomyr region: SBU conducts counter-sabotage anti-terrorist drills

The Regional Coordination Group of the SBU Anti-Terrorist Center in Zhytomyr region conducted counter-sabotage anti-terrorist drills.

The representatives of the SBU Regional Offices, the National Police, the State Emergency service, the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, border guards, the representatives of the authorities and local self-government participated in the three-day events.

According to the scenario of exercises, two groups of so-called saboteurs secretly penetrated the region and planned to carry out a series of explosions a military facility and in some settlements of the region.

Thank to concerted inter-departmental actions, the units involved in drills exposed and neutralized “subversives” in time.

The purpose of the drills was to develop algorithm of counteraction to terrorist manifestations, to identify and neutralize so-called sabotage and reconnaissance groups, in particular in woodland and evacuate people from areas of probable attack. In addition, was conducted the assessment of consequences of possible terrorist-sabotage acts, as well as the forces and resources needed to minimize and eliminate them.

As a result of training, additional directions were identified for improving the effectiveness of interdepartmental interaction while performing assignments.


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