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Mykolaiv region: SBU conducts anti-terrorist drills

The Regional Coordination Group of the SBU Anti-Terrorist Center in Mykolaiv region conducted special tactical drills in Ochakiv and attached water area of Dnipro-Bugsky firth.

The units of the SBU, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Border Guard Service, the Police, the National Guard, the State Emergency service, as well as the representatives of regional and local authorities were involved in the training. The main goal of the exercises was to consolidate participants' practical skills in carrying out a counter-sabotage operation.

The security agencies worked out the issues of interaction during the detection and liquidation of a sabotage group, which, according to the legend of the drills, seized a foreign merchant ship that was heading to one of the ports of Mykolaiv. Thus, dividing in groups, a group of “terrorists”, distracting the forces and means of law enforcers, took under control the weapons arsenal of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, while their the main forces “captured” the mayor's office of the District Center.

In the framework of counter-sabotage measures, the operational staff decided to carry out assault operations on captured objects. As a result of effective actions, the combined units of the anti-terrorist operation liquidated the “criminals”, and also released "hostages".

According to the findings of the representatives of the Coordination Group, the drills took place in conditions that are as close as possible to the real ones. Consequently, all involved units received clear algorithms of actions in case of possible terrorist manifestations.


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