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18:11, 07 december 2018
SBU officers in Kropyvnytsky blocked the broadcast of Russian TV channels banned in our country.
15:44, 07 december 2018
Officers of SBU Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime exposed corrupt top managers of one of Kyiv higher education establishments on the bribe.
11:09, 07 december 2018
SBU officers uncovered a corrupt head of a district military registration office in Odesa region.
16:26, 06 december 2018
The SBU operatives involved in Joint Forces Operation jointly with the NABU detectives under the SAP procedural guidance exposed a corrupt judge of Mariupol district court and his assistant.
15:01, 06 december 2018
SBU officers in the framework of a complex of measures on protection the critical infrastructure in healthcare sector prevented inefficient use of public funds during the implementation of the state program to improve health services in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast.
14:04, 06 december 2018
In the framework of countering illegal arms trafficking, SBU officers blocked the illegal sale of munitions in Mykolaiv.
12:21, 06 december 2018
The SBU officers uncovered a corrupt Head of the Central MSEC No. 1 of Kyiv Medical & Social Commission Center and the expert doctor of the Central Military Medical Commission of the Ministry of Defense who set up an extortion scheme used on ATO veterans.
09:47, 06 december 2018
SBU counter-intelligence officers stopped export of components for IL-76 heavy aircraft.
15:41, 05 december 2018
Kherson region: SBU officers uncover bribe-taking unit head at Main Directorate of Ukraine’s State Service for Geodesy, Cartography & Cadastre
15:25, 05 december 2018
While exercising tasks in counterintelligence protection of the State's interests of information security, SBU officers exposed a participant of the Internet “agent provocateur” network who, following Russian order, distributed fake messages in the social networks aiming to spreading panic among the Ukrainians after the introduction of martial law.

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