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11:10, 30 september 2017
The steering group of the Antiterrorist center at the SBU regional Office conducted planned special tactical training exercises in Ternopil region. Over 500 officials of power agencies, bodies of the executive branch and local government improved algorithms and skills of joint actions in conditions of subversive and terrorist threat in the sensitive infrastructure facilities of the region.
09:35, 21 september 2017
Coordinating group of the Antiterrorist Center of the SBU Donetsk regional office from 18 till 20 of September carried out trainings in readiness of power structures and agencies of Donetsk office to resist terrorist threats.
16:23, 20 september 2017
The coordinating group of the Antiterrorist Center of the Regional SBU Office held planned tactical training in the Kharkiv Southern Railway Station.
10:50, 16 september 2017
The Coordination Group of the Anti-Terrorist Center at the SBU Chernihiv regional office conducted counter sabotage command-and-staff training at one of the regional defense facilities and at the international border checkpoint “Senkivka”.
17:05, 15 september 2017
The SBU Antiterrorist Centre staged planned trainings during 7-15 September, in several locations on the territory of Mykolaiv region with the support of the Defence Threat Reduction Agency of the USA DoD.
16:36, 15 september 2017
On 13-15 of September, Coordinating group of Zhytomir region’s SBU Antiterrorist center staged planned antiterrorist drills with elements of countersabotage protection.
11:27, 05 september 2017
The coordinating group of the Anti-Terrorist Centre in Mykolaiv Regional SBU Office conducted the planned command-and-staff training, joined by the regional players of anti-terrorism operations, representatives of "Olvia" stevedoring company and the Southern-Ukrainian Energy Complex.
16:53, 10 august 2017
The officials of the SBU, the National Police, the State emergency service, the National Guard, representatives of local power bodies and other terrorism combatting entities were involved into events.
12:03, 29 july 2017
The representatives of the Police, the National Guard, the State Emergency service, the Border Guard Service, the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the bodies of state power and other combatting terrorism entities took part in training exercises.
09:01, 27 july 2017
The Regional Coordination Group of the SBU Anti-Terrorist Center in Kirovohrad region conducted the scheduled antiterrorist head-quarter training in the territory of one of the military facilities.

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