Russian occupiers imagine themselves as characters of The Lord of the Rings and brutally kill Ukrainians (audio)

It is for a reason that russian occupiers are called orcs - some of them are really fans of these characters of The Lord of the Rings and enjoy killing peaceful Ukrainians.

The new interception of the SSU is shocking, and it is no longer fiction, but the usual brutal ruscism and sadism.

‘We caught an ‘Ukr’ [note: Ukrainian] yesterday… He is in the other world now. I drove my blade right into his heart... I have a short-sword like the one Frodo Baggins had. So, I made my dream [come true]… I wanted to cut a man’s tendons and stab with a stake,’ a russian invader tells his wife.

The woman doesn’t care about the murdered Ukrainian, but she is still disgusted to hear about the bloody dreams of her orc.

Apparently, she won’t be looking forward to his coming back home…

We will make every effort to ensure that he does not return from the war!