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Regional Agencies

Regional agencies of the Security Service of Ukraine were established to promote effective exercise of the SSU's functions provided by law. Such regional agencies include SSU offices in oblasts and their subordinate interdistrict, district, and city units, whose location and territorial competence may not always coincide with the administrative and territorial division of Ukraine.

In the interest of national security, SSU agencies and units may be established at certain national strategic facilities and territories or at military formations as needed.

In carrying out their operations and performance of service functions, regional SBU Agencies are independent from local state administration and self-government authorities, as well as other officials, parties, or movements.

The Head of the SSU determines the procedure for the appointment of other SSU officials. Heads of regional SSU agencies in the regions of Ukraine are appointed with the approbation of the head of the local state administration.


List of Regional SSU Agencies


1.    SBU Office in Vinnytska Oblast

2.    SBU Office in Volynska Oblast

3.    SBU Office in Dnipropetrovska Oblast

4.    Main SBU Office in Donetska and Luhanska Oblast

5.    SBU Office in Zhytomyrska Oblast

6.    SBU Office in Zakarpatska Oblast

7.    SBU Office in Zaporiz'ka Oblast

8.    SBU Office in Ivano-Frankivska Oblast

9.   Main SBU Office in the City of Kyiv and Kyivska Oblast

10.  SBU Office in Kirovohradska Oblast

11.  SBU Office in L'vivska Oblast

12.  SBU Office in Mykolayivska Oblast

13.  SBU Office in Odeska Oblast

14.  SBU Office in Poltavska Oblast

15.  SBU Office in Rivnenska Oblast

16.  SBU Office in Sumska Oblast

17.  SBU Office in Ternopilska Oblast

18.  SBU Office in Kharkivska Oblast

19.  SBU Office in Khersonska Oblast

20.  SBU Office in Khmelnytska Oblast

21.  SBU Office in Cherkaska Oblast

22.  SBU Office in Chernivetska Oblast

23.  SBU Office in Chernihivska Oblast

24. Main SBU Office in the Autonomos Republic of Crimea (located in Kherson City)



For the Attention of the SBU Head





Zhydkov Dmytro Mykhailovych
Shevchenko Daniil Borysovych
Yatsenko Viktor Viacheslavovych

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