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FAQ of filing citizens’ appeals

At what address should the citizens’ appeals to the SBU be sent?

33 Volodymyrska Street, Kyiv, 01601, Security Service of Ukraine

or e-mail: callcenter@ssu.gov.ua


How oral citizens’ appeals are received?

In accordance with Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine on Citizens’ Appeals an oral appeal is performed by a citizen at personal appointment or by phone via call centers and hot lines.

All appeals are received during working hours by phone number 256-99-91


What issues should the appeals bring up?

In accordance with Article 2 of the Law of Ukraine on the Security Service of Ukraine the SBU is entrusted with protection of state sovereignty, constitutional order, territorial integrity, economic, scientific and technical, and defense potential of Ukraine, legitimate state interests and human rights from sabotage activity of foreign secret services, encroachment of certain organizations, groups and individuals, as well as providing state secret protection.

The SBU tasks also include detection, prevention, disruption and solving crimes against peace and human security, terrorist acts, corrupt and criminal actions in administration and economy areas, and other unlawful acts that pose a direct threat to vitally important interests of Ukraine.


How should appeals be filed?

In accordance with Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine on Citizens’ Appeals the appeal should contain full name, place of residence, the issue of the question, comment, application, claim, statement, request or demand. A written appeal should be signed and dated by the appealer (appealers). An appeal sent via e-mail should contain an e-mail address or postal address or any other means of communication in order to answer the appeal. The use of electronic signature is not required for e-mail appeals.


How to find out about registration of an appeal sent to the address of the Service?

Telephone number for inquiries about appeals of citizens: 256-95-60


How and when does the direct of the Security Service work?

24/7 phone number 0-800-501-482


What is the procedure of citizen’s appeals consideration at the SBU?

Under Article 40 of the Constitution of Ukraine everyone has the right to file individual or collective appeals or personally appeal to bodies of state power, bodies of local self-government, and to the officials of these bodies, who are obliged to consider the appeals and to provide a substantiated reply within the term established by law.

Article 19 of the Law of Ukraine on Citizens’ Appeals defines that if needed and possible, considering requests is assigned to an official or a unit within the SBU empowered to carry out this job.


What is the processing time of citizens’ appeals?

Under Article 20 of the Law of Ukraine on Citizens’ Appeals appeals are considered and resolved no later than one month from the date of its receipt, and immediately to those that do no require additional study, but not later than 15 days from the date of its receipt. If issues raised in the appeal can not be resolved within one month, the head of the body, enterprise, institution, organization, or his deputy define necessary time for its consideration, and report about it to the person who filed the appeal. At the same time the entire term for resolving issues raised in the appeal may not exceed forty-five days.


How to appeal against inactivity of the state authority bodies and officials?

Article 16 of the Law of Ukraine on Citizens’ Appeals stipulates that the complaint against actions or decision of the state authorities, local authorities, enterprise, institution, organization, citizens’ association, mass media, or official is filed in accordance with the subordination to the supreme body or official, that doesn’t disqualify the citizen to appeal to court in accordance with the legislation in force, and in case if such body doesn’t exist or the citizen dissents against the decision, the appeal can be filed directly to court.

The complaint includes available decisions or copies, which were taken earlier on his appeal and also other documents necessary for the complaint investigation, but only related to the issue.


To whom should a citizen appeal on the organizational activity of the court?

In accordance with Article 122 of the Law of Ukraine on the Judicial System and Status of Judges, the council of judges is responsible for courts activity oversight.


To whom should a citizen complain against actions of the inquiry bodies or the investigator?

Oversight of laws compliance by the bodies, which conduct operational and investigative activities, inquiry, and pretrial investigation, in accordance with Article 121 of the Constitution of Ukraine falls within the competence of the prosecutor’s office.

It is to be noted that the action of the Law of Ukraine on Citizens’ Appeals, in accordance with Article 12, does not apply to the procedure for reviewing appeals and complaints of citizens, established by the criminal procedure, civil procedure and labor legislation on protection of economic competition, Laws of Ukraine on the Judicial System and Status of Judges and on the Access to the Court Decisions, the Code of Administrative Court Procedure of Ukraine, Law on the Principles of Prevention and Counteraction of Corruption. 

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