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According to the current legislation the SBU activity has to be based on the following principles:

  • legitimacy;
  • respect for observance of human and citizens’ rights and freedoms;
  • non-party;
  • continuity;
  • secrecy, combining overt and covert forms and methods of activities;
  • complex use of legal, preventive and organizational measures;
  • adequate countering of real and potential threats to national security;
  • cooperation with Ukrainian government, local authorities, citizens’ associations, legal entities and natural persons;
  • accountability to appropriate governmental bodies as stated by the law.

The SBU bodies and officers while performing their official duties have to respect human dignity, avoid disclosure of information concerning citizens’ private life, honor and dignity, which became known to the SBU in the process of operational activities except cases, defined by the law. In exclusive cases certain rights and freedoms of a person can be temporarily restricted by way and limits settled by the Constitution and the legislation of Ukraine in order to detect and investigate crimes against the state.

Illegal restriction of human legal rights and freedoms is inadmissible and is punished according to the law.

Use of the SBU in party, group or personal interests is prohibited.

The activity of parties, movements and other citizens’ associations that have political aims is forbidden within the SBU.

The SBU informs about its activities via the mass media by answering the requests for getting access to public information and in other ways, defined by the law.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the President of Ukraine and authorized official bodies permanently control the SBU activities and its adherence to the law.

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