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The structure of the SBU consists of the SBU Headquarters, subordinate to it regional offices, military counterintelligence bodies, military units and educational, scientific and research and other institutions of the SBU.

The organizational structure of the SBU is determined by the President of Ukraine.

The Headquarters are entrusted with the organization and coordination of the SBU activities.

The SBU HQ and other bodies and institutions, which comprise the SBU system, are legal entities. They have a seal with the print of the state emblem of Ukraine and their naming, other seals and stamps, bank accounts, including currency accounts.

The Anti-Terrorist Center at the SBU is tasked with organization and conduct of anti-terrorist operations and coordination of activities of other agencies, that counter terrorism or are involved into anti-terrorist operations. The statute about the Anti-Terrorist Center at the SBU is approved by the President of Ukraine upon the presentation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The procedure of the organization and performance of the SBU activity is determined by the laws of Ukraine and corresponding to them SBU legal acts and in legally provided cases – by interagency legal acts.

Operational and investigation activities as well as the counterintelligence activities are performed overtly and covertly.

Overt actions include the use of open (official) forms and methods of work in providing national security.

Covert actions are performed with the attraction of individuals, who confidentially cooperate with the SBU bodies and units and the use of operational, technical and special capabilities. The procedure of using secret capabilities while performing operational activity is determined by the SBU legal acts based on the laws of Ukraine.

The SBU reports to the President of Ukraine and informs the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the results of its activity. The publication of the results of the SBU bodies and units’ activities is carried out according to the statutory requirements.

Information about the organization, plans, content, forms, methods, means, financing and logistics support, results of counterintelligence activities, scientific and research developments concerning providing national security, and about individuals, who cooperate or have previously cooperated on confidential basis with the SBU bodies and units which perform counterintelligence activity, summarized data about the personnel of these bodies and units is state secret and is to be protected in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On the State Secret”.

The access to the mentioned information can be given in cases and order defined by the SBU according to statutory requirements. It is forbidden to publish or disclose gathered data and information concerning performing or non-performing any counterintelligence activities and measures regarding certain person until a decision by the results of such activity or measures is taken.

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