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Applications for accreditation in the ATO area

Step 1: Accreditation at the Security Service of Ukraine. The media representative that wasn’t previously accredited by the SBU should send an official letter (on a letterhead paper of the media organization) to the Security Service of Ukraine with a request to accredit certain employees of that organization. The data that need to be mentioned in the letter: surnames, names and patronymics, positions of the media representatives, their contact phone numbers, as well as term of the assignment. The letter should be signed by the head of the media organization and certified with a seal. Copies of passports (1-2 pages) of the media representatives to be accredited and their press cards should be attached to the letter.

To speed up the accreditation process electronic copies of the mentioned documents can be sent to the e-mail address: accreditation@ssu.gov.ua

Contact phone number: +38 044 255-51-86


Step 2: Execution of the press card in the ATO Press Center. After receiving preliminary accreditation from the SBU the media representative should send his/her photograph, name and surname (in Latin and Cyrillic Alphabet in accordance with the main identification document of the media representative), and scanned copy of the document proving the belonging of the individual to the mentioned mass media agency to the e-mail address: presscentreato@ukr.net  

ATO Press Center phone number: +38 098 671 30 40


Step 3: Receiving of the Press Card.

You can receive the press card:

  • In the ATO Press Center at 10 - B Oleksy Tykhoho, Kramatorsk. Contact phone number: +38 098 671 30 40
  • In Kyiv at the address: 6 Povitroflotskyi Avenue. Contact phone number: +38 044 245 44 01

The press card is given out only upon presenting of the identity card!



If the media representative has already been accredited (has the ATO press card) and its 6-month period of validity expires, he/she has to reapply for accreditation for a new term.

In request letter to the SBU an individual should mention the number of the effective press card and possible changes of the required data (the name of the media agency, citizenship, name, etc.) Further actions should be performed by the above mentioned algorithm.

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