Countering Transnational Organised Crime

Transnational organized crime and corruption are among the main threats to national security. It is no secret that foreign intelligence agencies make extensive use of them to destabilize the situation in Ukraine and even attempt to infiltrate state bodies and gain control over specific sectors of economy and public administration. 

It is for this reason that in combating organized crime the SSU uses the entire arsenal of counterintelligence methods and best practices of partner intelligence agencies.

In total, the Service developed working relations with more than 50 intelligence agencies worldwide. Cooperation with partners aims to fight:

  • transnational organized crime
  • smuggling
  • international drug-trafficking
  • organized criminal groups that specialize in illegal migration and human trafficking
  • corruption

In 2020 the SSU blocked over 500 cases of corruption, prevented losses of billions for the state. Besides, the SSU has conducted special operations on combating international groups of smugglers. For example, record shipment of tobacco products worth UAH 120 million was seized.

Among the achievements is the blocked activity of a powerful transnational drug cartel ‘‘Khimprom’’.

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