Kharaberiush Oleksandr Ivanovych 13 October 1977 – 31 March 2017

Kharaberiush Oleksandr Ivanovych


Oleksandr Kharaberiush was born on October 13, 1977 in Donetsk.

He graduated from the Donetsk Institute of Internal Affairs and served for two years in the criminal investigation department of the local police, but his dream was to work in the SSU. He dedicated almost 17 years of his life to the Service. 

He held positions from operative to the deputy head of the main counterintelligence unit of the SSU Office in Donetsk region. 

He was a doctor of law, author of scientific and practical publications, a candidate for master of sports in kickboxing. He liked boxing, diving, playing guitar and the accordion.

Colonel Kharaberiush coordinated special operations to counter enemy reconnaissance and sabotage groups in the east.

On March 31, 2017 at 8:30 am in the centre of Mariupol a terrorist attack was committed. The terrorists blew up a car, placing a radio-controlled magnetic mine under the driver's seat, and Olexandr was killed.

The SSU detained the person suspected of planting the explosives. 

During his life, Olexandr was awarded many departmental medals for valour, courage and bravery. He was awarded by the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the medal "For the Defence of Mariupol." 

For personal courage and selfless service, the President of Ukraine awarded Colonel Oleksandr Kharaberiush the Order of Courage of I Degree (posthumously).

Olexandr is survived by his wife and two daughters.