Pre-trial Investigation

The SSU investigative units may investigate a limited number of crimes. Howev-er, these crimes can be the greatest threat to state security.

In particular, SSU investigators deal with cases relating to espionage, high trea-son, encroachment on constitutional order, territorial integrity and sovereignty, disclosure of state secrets, cybercrimes, etc.

During the years of military aggression against Ukraine, SSU investigators have initiated and investigated thousands of criminal proceedings. The Service has filed court indictments against members of terrorist organisations, illegal armed groups in Eastern Ukraine, Russian agents and administrators of propagandistic internet communities. 

The SSU Main Investigation Directorate continues to document the evidence of Russia’s involvement in terrorist activities in Ukraine, especially the crimes committed by pro-Russian mercenaries against civilians.

The evidence collected by SSU investigators has been provided to international organisations and courts in order to protect Ukraine's interests at foreign policy negotiating platforms and to intensify sanctions against Russia.

As members of the Joint Investigation Team, the SSU specialists have conducted criminal investigations relating to the shooting down of Boeing-777 (MH17), committed by pro-Russian militants in 2014.

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