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SBU welcomes home Ukrainians illegally imprisoned in Russia

SBU Head: swearing allegiance to Ukrainian people, you uptake huge commitments and liabilities (video)

SBU detains Russian tanker "NEYMA", which blocked Ukrainian warships in the Kerch Strait (video)

SBU jointly with foreign colleagues blocks activity of powerful hacker group (video)

SBU together with foreign partners terminates activities of international group of cigarette smugglers

Last news

16:11, 17 september 2019
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi ordered the SBU Head Ivan Bakanov to join the investigation into the arson of the house of Valeria Gontareva, former head of National Bank of Ukraine. “Security Service of Ukraine, within its competence, will provide full support to the law enforcers in investigating the arson," Ivan Bakanov noted.
14:06, 17 september 2019
The National Museum of Ukrainian History presented an exhibition “Ukraine. Unfinished war...” to the 80th anniversary of WWII and the 75th anniversary of ousting the Nazis from Ukraine. During the event the SBU Sectoral State Archive demonstrated corresponding declassified materials.
09:54, 16 september 2019
Within the tasks of protection the defence potential of Ukraine, SBU counter-intelligence officers unveiled a fact of causing severe losses to Kharkiv State Air Enterprise.
19:47, 13 september 2019
SBU personnel expresses sincere compassion to friends and family of the Special Operation Centre “A” officer Oleksandr Ivankiv.
10:08, 13 september 2019
The Security Service of Ukraine blocked the raiding attempts of a group of state registrars who illegally re-registered more than 200 land plots in Kyiv region.

16:52, 16 september 2019
The SBU officers blocked illegal redesign and sale of military munitions in Odesa region.
16:17, 16 september 2019
A former militant of LNR terrorist organisation was detained in Luhansk region.
12:36, 16 september 2019
SBU officers arrested a citizen of one of Western Asian countries who is on Interpol’s “wanted” list for smuggling of large-scale drug batches in Cherkasy region.
16:32, 14 september 2019
SBU officers uncovered a corrupt senior inspector of the State Fiscal Service tax department in Transcarpathia region.
10:01, 14 september 2019
SBU exposed Deputy Director of State Service for Geodesy and Cartography Division on systematic bribes for assigning the cadastral numbers while issuing documents for land plots in Donetsk region.

News about SSU

12:29, 16 september 2019
International scientific and practical conference “Formation and prospects of development of the state system of critical infrastructure protection in Ukraine” was held in Yaremche, Carpathian region.
14:34, 13 september 2019
Sportsmen of the Security Service of Ukraine will take part in the Fifth Championship of the anti-terrorist operation Veterans League.
11:52, 13 september 2019
Championship of the Security Service of Ukraine in polyathlon, complex sports multidiscipline competition, was held in Lviv.
16:20, 11 september 2019
Within the framework of implementation of set of measures for systematic reform of the Security Service of Ukraine, an inventory of assets and liabilities has been started in the structural units of the Service.
14:47, 10 september 2019
In Sumy, students of the local specialised school “Unicum” in cooperation with Sumy TV & media company “Vidikon” presented a short film “Olexandr the Defender of Sumy” dedicated to the Hero of Ukraine, Colonel of the Security Service of Ukraine, honorary citizen of the city of Sumy Olexandr Anischenko who was killed in the line of duty in 2014 near Sloviansk.

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