Protection of State Secrets

Protection of state secrets is one of the main functions of the SSU, along with counterintelligence and counterterrorism.

The Service controls the protection of classified information. In particular, in-formation relating to state security, defence, economics, science and technology, and foreign relations.

State authorities, state-owned enterprises and organisations may have certain ac-cess to state secrets. However, all institutions that work with state secrets are systematically vetted by the SSU.

Nowadays, the protection of state secrets is vital in the context of the unprece-dented activity of the Russian special services and the globalisation of infor-mation through the internet.

Loss or disclosure of state secrets due to official negligence or in the interests of foreign intelligence services is subject to criminal liability. Only during last year, the Service localized thousands of factors for secret information leak.

Within the framework of international cooperation, Ukraine has signed nearly 50 bilateral agreements with partner countries and international organisations on the mutual protection of classified information.

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