Protection of State Sovereignty

A core function of the SSU is the protection of state sovereignty, territorial integ-rity and constitutional order.

Since Russian aggression started against Ukraine, the SSU has localised the sep-aratist movement and destroyed the enemy’s plans to “federalise” Ukraine, alt-hough such attempts were made not only in Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk re-gions.

In peaceful regions, the SSU has countered attempts by Russian agents to incite inter-ethnic hatred and artificial religious conflicts. 

The situation in the state was stabilised. However, the hybrid war against Ukrai-ne continues. In 2019 alone, 220 court sentences were given for such crimes as:

  • encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine;
  • financing of terrorism or committing terrorist attacks;
  • creation of illegal armed formations (IAF);
  • creation of the networks for uncontrolled circulation of weapons, ammunition or explosives.

Further more, the SSU prevented hundreds of Russian propagandists, who were wag-ing an information war against Ukraine, to enter the country. 

The SSU, jointly with foreign partners, also identified dozens of people involved in the activities of international terrorist organisations and religious extremist groups.

Almost 450 foreigners on the international wanted terrorists list were banned from entering Ukraine.

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