Counterintelligence is a priority activity for the Security Service of Ukraine., with the objective of exposing and preventing the illegal activity of foreign intelligence services.

Since 2014, Russian special services have been conducting open intelligence and subversive activities against Ukraine. Therefore, the SSU CI unit was promptly mobilised and its activities were substantially renewed and prioritised.

The SSU systematically blocks the activities of Ukraine’s enemies.

Since 2021 the SSU has initiated 78 criminal proceedings for high treason, espionage, creation of a terrorist organization or illegal export of dual-use goods.

The Service uncovers and stops espionage activities of foreign intelligence ser-vices and counteracts their attempts to infiltrate Ukrainian authorities and estab-lish their "agents of influence".

In addition, the SSU detains members of sabotage groups, informers of terrorist organisations and prevents attempts by foreign agents to infiltrate the Armed Forces of Ukraine, law enforcement agencies, and other paramilitary units.

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