State Tax Service officials support moving out of over UAH 500 million every month

SBU exposed and terminated the activity of officials of the State Tax Service, who assisted businessmen in moving out of UAH 500 million into the shadow economy every month.

Operatives of the special service found that the officials carried out unauthorized actions with official information. Thus, the attackers made it possible for a number of conversion and transit groups to avoid the automated system for monitoring of risk assessment and, as a consequence, to evade taxes in especially big amounts.

To implement the deal, officials of the Taxpayers Service and Information Technology Department, the Revenue and Risk Transaction Monitoring Department of the State Tax Service of Ukraine together with employees of the State Tax Service in Kyiv, Lviv, Mykolaiv, Volyn and Donetsk regions colluded with the owners of the IT-company. This company develops the appropriate software for the State Tax Service of Ukraine and knows the operation algorithms of the electronic information resources of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. As developers of the safety systems for these resources, businessmen created opportunity to ensure the illegal formation of VAT tax loan to entities of real economy. For this purpose, more than 300 organizations controlled by sham companies were used, which, through carrying out of non-commodity transactions and changing the range of products/services, artificially formed tax loans to customers. The criminal proceeding is registered under Art. 364 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The investigations are ongoing.