SBU blocks large-scale sales of counterfeit alcohol in the Joint Forces Operation area

In the Joint Forces Operation area SBU has blocked sales of a large-scale consignment of counterfeit alcohol. Estimated cost of the revealed counterfeit exceeds 1,5 million UAH.

The SBU officers have found that 3 residents from Donetsk region have been purchasing a dubious quality alcohol from the local underground producers. They have stored counterfeit in the warehouses, located in Slovyyansk, and in the one of the near villages. The counterfeit has been sold to an owner of a number of outlets of the region.

During an authorized search performed in criminals’ warehouses and among surrogate sellers, law-enforcement officers have seized financial and economic documentation, proving realization of fraudulent schemes. Also 10 tons of vodka in 23000 different-seize bottles with fake excise stamps and without corresponding documents have been revealed.

Within the framework of criminal proceeding, initiated under Art. 204, paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the investigation is continuing.

Sources of the counterfeit and all those who connected with the counterfeit selling are being defined.

The operation was conducted jointly with the Main Directorate of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine in Donetsk region under procedural supervision of the regional Prosecutor’s Office.