Dnipro city: SBU blocks large-scale smuggling of psychotropic substances from EU

SBU blocked a postal channel of smuggling of psychotropic substances from one of the Benelux counties.

Operatives and investigators of the special service found that the group consisted of regional center residents who delivered large consignments of drugs from the EU. Psychotropic substances were ordered online at regular illegal product supplier. According to the report, every single month drug dealers were receiving about four packs with psychotropic substances, specifically MDMA, LCD. According to the black market prices, the cost of each pack was almost USD 2,500. Criminals were selling psychotropic substances in the Dnipropetrovsk region through an extensive dealers’ network using bots in internet-messengers and delivery services.

Law enforcement officers detained the organizer of drug trafficking while he was receiving one of the regular posting. There were over 200 pills, containing psychotropic substances.

During searches there also have been revealed a drug lab at offenders usual flat in multi-store block, that was fully equipped with ventilation and climate-control system. In the flat they established an entire drug producing cycle. They were growing marijuana in greenhouses, dried and packaged for sale.

Within initiated criminal proceeding the issue of the serving suspicion notes to involved persons under Art. 305 and the Art. 307 of Criminal Code of Ukraine is being settled.

Investigative actions are ongoing to bring to liability other offenders involved in illicit activity.

The operation to detect smuggling channel was conducted under procedural guidance of Regional Prosecutor Office.