SBU uncovers former National Guard officer facilitating “MGB DNR” (video)

SBU military counterintelligence jointly with the SBU Main Directorate in Donetsk and Luhansk regions revealed and stopped subversive activity of the former National Guard officer who facilitated the activity of “DNR” terrorist organization.

SBU operatives established that the woman came to the attention of the so-called special service of DNR in 2015 during her military service in a one of National Guard military units. The representatives of the “MGB DNR” recruited her, instructed about conspiracy measures, gave her a cover name and arranged the means of bilateral and emergency communication. In the course of further cooperation, they gave her task to collect and pass the intelligence about military performance of the Ukrainian military unit in the Joint Forces Operation area. Moreover, they wanted to acquire personal data about Ukrainian servicemen and their families.

Law enforcement documented that the serviceman collected and disseminated the necessary data for terrorists, using fake accounts in a forbidden Russian social network.

The law enforcement officers conducted searches at the perpetrator’s place of residence and revealed computer equipment with the evidence of her communication with terrorists.

During the further investigation she provided accusatory testimony of her recruitment and collaboration with the so-called MGB DNR.

The perpetrator is served a notice of suspicion of participation and support of terrorist organization. The court chose a measure of restraint.

Therefore, the SBU stopped illegal activity of an enemy agent and prevented a major damage to defense capability of Ukraine.

The investigative actions are ongoing.