SBU uncovers corrupt Deputy Head of Ukrainian State Emergency Service Directorate

SBU officers of the Main Directorate for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime documented the bribe-taking by the Deputy Head of the Emergency Prevention Department.

SBU operatives and investigators found that the official extorted UAH 66,000 (USD 2,750) for approval the permission documents of high-risk facilities.

The official ordered his subordinate to sign the Acts of system commissioning, violating the commissioning order of early-warning systems and the notification of people during emergencies.

It was installed on the critical infrastructure facilities of fuel and energy complex in Ukrainian region. Systems were legalized without due visits and checking of its’ working capacity.

Officials’ illicit actions caused the absence of control and timely response to the potential emergencies on the above-mentioned facilities. It could lead to disastrous consequences, posing a real threat to people’s lives and health.

Within the framework of criminal proceedings, two officials were served  notices of suspicion of forgery in office and taking a bribe. The issue of serving a notice of suspicion to the facility manager for giving a bribe is now being settled.

Information checking regarding 68 episodes of the same officials’ actions is ongoing.

The operation was conducted jointly with the Investigative Department of the SBU Main Directorate in Kyiv and Kyiv region under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor`s Office of Kyiv region.