SBU exposes separatist Internet agitator in Odesa region

SBU officers under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor's Office of Odesa region exposed Internet agitator, who acted in favour of the aggressor state.

SBU operatives established that a man regularly used his personal pages in social networks to publish appeals for a change of the state border and constitutional order of Ukraine. Also, the offender popularized the D/LNR terrorist organizations.

The propagandist received publications from Russian propaganda Internet hubs and the militants’ media sites of illegal armed formations.

During authorized investigations in the residence of the agitator, the SBU officers exposed computer hardware and mobile devices, proving his illegal activity. Besides, it was established that a person recruited citizens for illegal participation in “L\DNR” terrorist organization.

Within the framework of open criminal proceeding under Part 1 Art. 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine involved person was served notice of suspicion.

The investigative actions are under way.