SBU suspects three deputies of municipal district councils of Donetsk region of crimes against national security principals

SBU materials helped to Prosecutor’s Office of Donetsk region to serve notices of suspicion of committing crimes to three acting deputies of municipal district councils in Donetsk region.

SBU pre-trial investigation found that in April 2014, a deputy of the Lyman City Council voluntarily facilitated the organization and holding of the illegal vote. In particular, she headed the precinct electoral commission in Kryva Luka, coordinated the work of the precinct, counted votes and signed the relevant acts.

The deputy of the Kostyntynivka City Council did likewise. He also voluntarily led a polling station, organized and held a pseudo-referendum in the villages of Tarasivka, Oleksandropil, Novoolenivka, Vodyane Druhe, Berezivka and Zelene Pole.

Contrary to the current legislation of Ukraine, the deputy of the Myronivka village council also acted. Together with other elect, she decided to hold a fake referendum at an extraordinary session of the village council. She actively encouraged the residents of Donetsk region to participate in the pseudo-vote and promoted it. 

SBU investigators suspect these citizens of committing crimes under Part 2 Art. 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The issue of choosing the measure of restraint to the offenders is now being decided.

Under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor's Office of Donetsk region the investigations are ongoing.