SBU Chairman participates in remembrance ceremony of “UIA” aircraft crash in Iran

“January 8, 2020 became a black day in the history of Ukraine and the world. The terrible tragedy in Iran took lives of 11 our nationals. And society demands answers about the true causes of this grief and bringing all those responsible to justice. Investigation and establishment of a cause-effect chain of events of this catastrophe is a priority for the SBU,” - SBU Chairman Ivan Bakanov stressed.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, senior leadership of the country, families and relatives of the victims took part in the memorial events taking place today at the “Boryspil” International Airport.

“Ukrainians should feel safe in every corner of the world, in all circumstances. This is a matter of collective security, the security of the country and each of us. And all countries should work together to minimize even the theoretical risk of recurrence of such horrific tragedies in the future,” underlined the Head of the Service.

SBU expresses sincere condolences to families and relatives of victims.