SBU blocks mechanism of goods import amounting to millions of dollars at undervalue

SBU blocked the mechanism of consumer goods import amounting to millions of dollars at an undervalue.

According to special service, the deal was organized by businessmen from Chernivtsi and Kyiv city. According to documents, they imported into Ukraine cargoes under the range "textile clothing, shoes" of a Turkish seller from warehouses located in Poland. Customs clearance took place in the mode of "import" in the area of activity of the Kyiv Customs of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

Law enforcement officers stopped a truck at the “Vadul-Siret” customs post of Bukovyna Customs. Officially, the vehicle transported goods worth almost USD 70,000. Initiated by the SBU inspection found that, under the guise of cheap products, the attackers tried to import elite clothing and accessories of well-known global brand companies to Ukraine. According to preliminary estimates, the real value of the products comprises over USD 2,5 million.

Currently the relevant protocol has been drawn up and the cargo has been seized pending a court decision.

Possible involvement in the corruption mechanism of representatives of the controlling bodies is being checked.