Any pressure on 1+1 TV channel or violation of right of free speech is out of question - Ivan Bakanov

Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov called on the representatives of the 1+1 TV channel not to speculate facts and not to manipulate public opinion, covering the investigation of the illegal tapping of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Honcharuk.

According to the SBU Head, journalists should be interested in ascertaining the truth in this high profile case and to cooperate fully with the investigation.

“Any pressure on the journalists of the 1 + 1 TV channel or the violation of right of free speech in Ukraine is out of question. And it’s out of the question in principle. We are talking about impartial and comprehensive investigation of a criminal case on illegal tapping of the head of government. And investigative actions were held not only at 18, Kurenivska Street, but also at other addresses of the persons that have been checked, " - Ivan Bakanov emphasized.

Also, the SBU Chairman noted that the relevant investigative actions were held in this case regarding ministers, representatives of state authorities and the Department of State Guard. Separate government officials by their consent passed polygraph examination and all without exception were intelligent about this situation.

Please be reminded: the SBU investigators carry out pre-trial investigation into illegal use of special technical devices of obtaining information in the premises of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, committed by the organized group under Part 3 Art. 359 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

SBU investigators and operatives found that individuals who are periodically visit and use during their activities the premises at the Kurenivska Street can be involved into illegal use of the special technical devices, the receipt, editing and distribution of audio recordings.

Investigations are also conducted at other persons, including officials of the law enforcement body, which are checked for involvement into illegal use of special technical devices.