Leadership of russian occupiers does not even pick up wounded from battlefield - no one needs them

And the losses are so huge that commanders are afraid to report the real data to the top brass.

Russian prisoners of war testify about this at the SSU.

For example, this contractor, captured during the invaders’ retreat from Kyiv region, was simply abandoned on the battlefield by the commander together with another wounded soldier. The captive complains: ‘they said they would pick us up, but they never did. So many boys were left wounded, killed…’

He asks his mother to go to the command and seek his exchange. But the woman complains that the political officer knows that her son, along with 3-4 other contractors, is in captivity, but does not report this up the chain.

‘You are not on the lists in the Ministry of Defence,’ the woman complains. And this is a common situation, since, looking for her son, she has already spoken to many mothers.

The prisoner is glad that he survived, although he has a test to undergo – verification if he is involved in mass atrocities committed by the invaders near the capital.