Former waitresses and bouncers appointed by russia as ‘leaders’ in occupied Kherson region plan to flee to Crimea (audio)

Due to their unprofessionalism, they are leading the region to a humanitarian crisis and they understand it.

This is evidenced by a call between two collaborators intercepted by the SSU.

‘Fuel issues are not being solved – f**ked up. Medications problem’s  not solved – f**ked up too, salaries and pensions issue - not solved. People die without medications. They are already slowly beginning to hate russians…’ one of the ‘officials’ tells his ‘colleague’.

She adds: ‘…for seven days, there’s been no humanitarian aid.’

Together they come to a logical conclusion: ‘If nothing changes, in June we have to flee… Me and Karinka are going to the Crimea for the whole summer. She’ll find a job as a waitress somewhere, me – as a bartender, a waiter, or a bouncer, as I used to be.’

Probably, they have forgotten that Kherson and the Crimea are Ukraine. And they will have to bear responsibility for treason and collaboration with occupiers.

The SSU will take care of that!