SBU CI exposes international criminal group

In Odesa region, the SBU CI exposed and stopped human trafficking, illegal import of weapons and excisable goods.

SBU operatives established that the criminal group included citizens of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, who organized smuggling of migrants, weaponry and excisable goods via the Kuchurhankyi estuary.

Allegedly, officials of the Ministry of State Security of the so-called Transnistria may be involved in the organization of the illegal activity.

SBU officers detained two offenders on trying to smuggle excisable goods and explosive devices to Ukraine. The SBU seized:

  • over 5,000 packs of cigarettes;
  • five RGD grenades with fuses, RKG-3 anti-tank grenade, F-1 grenade with fuse;
  • 10 rounds for AGS-17;
  • almost 1,200 rounds of 5.45 caliber.

The day before, SBU CI officers documented migrant smuggling across the Ukrainian state border. SBU investigators initiated criminal proceedings for illegal movement of persons across the state border of Ukraine; smuggling.

The detainees received suspicion notices of illegal movement of persons across the state border of Ukraine committed by an organized group.

Investigative actions are underway to establish all the circumstances of the illegal activity and the people involved.

The operation was carried out jointly with the State Border Guard Service under the supervision of Odesa Region Prosecutor's Office.