Chernihiv region: court convicts arms dealer

In Chernihiv region, basing on the SBU materials, an arms dealer was prosecuted. During the searches, the SBU exposed offender having official ID of Russian Vympel task force.

A local entrepreneur, who sold military overalls and ammunition, organized illegal distribution of firearms, ammunition and explosives. The offender looked for his clients via personal connections. Also he used to find the clients in criminal circles.

During the searches of the offender’s place of work, residence and the garage, the law enforcement seized:

  • carbine, converted for automatic firing,
  • three pistols,
  • almost 500 rounds of ammunition of various calibers,
  • grenade fuses,
  • 2 kilos of gunpowder.

Desniansky district court found the offender guilty in illegal handling of weapons, ammunition and explosives and sentenced the perpetrator to five years in prison with a probation period of three years.