SSU serves new notice of suspicion of high treason and creation of terrorist group to MP Medvedchuk

Ivan Bakanov stated that according to the SSU materials, the MP Victor Medvedchuk is served new notice of suspicion of high treason and creation of terrorist group.

Allegedly, Medvedchuk was involved into undermining of energetic independence of Ukraine. In particular, after Russia`s occupation of Donbas, Ukraine was on the edge of an energy crisis. In order to get out of the crisis, Ukraine decided to purchase charcoal on a global market, including the Republic of South Africa.

On the other hand, Russia planned an energy contract to be blown provided by Medvedchuk. Thus, the offender colluded with the establishment of Ukraine which used the National Bank of Ukraine and the law enforcement agencies to row back the supply of charcoal from the Republic of South Africa.

The illegal activity led to rolling blackout throughout Ukraine.

Then, Medvedchuk provided illegal scheme of charcoal supply from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine to the state enterprise.

During the meeting, the head of the SSU Ivan Bakanov stated that it is a question of high treason and that the officials and high-ranking officials of Ukraine acted on the side of Russia during the war neglecting interest of Ukraine and building-up illegal schemes with terrorists. The head also added that due to his own suggestions all persons involved into illegal activity shall be punished. Taking into account that their activity posed to undermine the energetic independence of Ukraine.

The head of the SSU and the Prosecutor`s General released a number of audio records which proved the charcoal illegal scheme and Russia`s involvement into it. The expertise concluded that one of the offenders on the records was Medvedchuck. During the conversation about charcoal scheme with Russia`s officials, the offender assured having guarantees from the establishment of Ukraine.

A person closes to Medvedchuck aka Kuziar used two charcoal enterprises on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, appointed the representatives of the so-called L/DNR, opened bank accounts and on behalf of the enterprises signed a treaty on charcoal supply to Ukraine.

Allegedly, pro-Russian terrorists received money from Ukraine in the amount of more than UAH 200 m. (USD 7,599,690 m.).

Ivan Bakanov noted that the investigation has evidence proving the illegal activity including transaction to the so-called L/DNR charcoal enterprises. Furthermore, the audio records demonstrate the fulfillment of the illegal treaty (including change of heads of enterprises, opening of bank branches etc.)

The investigation is ongoing to prosecute those involved into illegal activity.

The operation is being carried out by the SSU jointly with the Prosecutor`s General Office and the State Bureau of Investigation.